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In simple terms "eCommerce" refers to trading on the Internet. If your website generates sales, "eCommerce", in its simplest form, has occurred. The trading system can become more refined, reaching proportions of an online shopping cart, where any number of items can be selected for purchase and the consumer commits to pay either on receipt of an invoice, on order delivery, or immediately by credit card.

Here at elmagio we strive to achieve excellence in our quest to provide our clients with there own online store. We have studied and used numerous open source online shops like osCommerce to more advance commercial products like IBM's Websphere commerce.

When you choose our company for your e-commerce needs we will evaluate you internal selling procedures and propose to you a complete solution that could be an "out of the box" or a custom made solution that will meet your expectations. 
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 June 2005 )