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Internet Services
Why should I be on the Internet?

There are many reasons, but for businesses the answers fall into a few main categories:

  1. To have an Internet "presence." The Internet has become so popular during the last few years that not having a presence is almost like not being listed in the telephone directory. Although this reason may seem trivial at first, people throughout the world are using the Internet more and more each day to search for information about companies of many types.
  2. To attract more business or new business. Your Web site can be at work selling your product or service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Web can provide audio/visual effects (movies, animation, sound bites), interactivity (on-line order forms, questionnaires, etc.) and freshness (updates as often as you like) unmatched by conventional advertising media. In other words, there are things you can do with your Web site that could never be done with your other forms of advertising. Your Web site will not replace your other advertisements, but it will complement them in a very powerful way when used properly.
  3. To serve current customers or clients better. Technical support information, product specifications, up-to-date price lists, phone numbers and e-mail addresses can all be built into your Web site. This provides a great way for your current clientele to access important information with minimal effort and could give your customer service efforts a big boost.
  4. To conduct on-line commerce. Technology now exists to allow customers to securely submit their credit card information via your Web site to place orders for goods or services.
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