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Microsoft Outlook 2002 Account Setup (Windows Users) Print E-mail

Creating an email account in Microsoft Outlook 2002 (Flash Video)

Select "Tools" and then "E-mail Accounts" from the File Menu


Select "Add a new email account" in the next window under the "Email" Section, and select the "Next" button

At the E-Mail Accounts window, select POP3 as your server type.  Click "Next"


In the E-Mail Accounts window (shown below), fill out all information completed similar to the information below.  Be sure to use your full email address under the "Logon Information" section.  Before clicking next, select the "More Settings..." button as highlighted.

The "More Settings..." button loads a new window with four tabs.  Select the "Outgoing Server" tab as shown, and be sure to select the checkbox that reads "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication."  Click Ok to verify these settings, and then click "Next" on the Internet Email email window.  Lastly, click "Finish" on the summary window to complete you account setup.


Close down Outlook and then re-open.  You should be able to send and receive messages now!

Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 June 2005 )