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Powered by Microsoft .NET connected technology, Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 enables companies to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, and maintain mission critical content-rich Web sites. By streamlining the Web publishing process, Content Management Server can reduce the need for costly site maintenance, empowering business users to manage their own content.

Built with flexibility in mind, Content Management Server 2002 can be used to deploy Internet sites, intranet sites, and extranet sites. Content Management Server 2002 provides IT departments with the tools necessary to quickly build and deploy the core infrastructure of a Web site, including site structure, presentation templates, site design, application integration, and security.

Once a site has been deployed, business managers and content creators can use Content Management Server 2002 tools to create, publish, and manage their own content. By reducing the need for ongoing IT site maintenance, Content Management Server 2002 can lower the overall costs of maintaining an Internet presence.

Features and Functionality:

Web content management is a critical component of any successful online business strategy. Content Management Server 2002 enables organizations to develop:

  • An Internet presence: Extending your brand, market reach, and customer service capabilities are key to growing your business. By using Content Management Server 2002, you can build content-rich, personalized Web sites and ensure that the content on your sites is up-to-date, relevant, accurate, easy-to-find, and tailored to meet your needs.
  • E-commerce capabilities: Developing an e-commerce site can help your organization manage business-to-consumer (B2C) and B2B transactions through the Web site. By using Content Management Server 2002, your organization can provide rich content about your products and services, which enables your customers to make informed buying decisions quickly and complete their transactions on your Web site.
  • Enterprise information portals: Increasing employee productivity is critical to achieving the most streamlined business processes. By using Content Management Server 2002 to build enterprise information portals, your organization can provide employees with a central location to access up-to-date, accurate information and applications.
  • Enterprise content management: Integrating Web content management and digital asset management can help organizations centrally and cost-effectively manage brand and design elements on corporate Web sites. By using Content Management Server 2002, your organization can develop an integrated infrastructure for managing all types of enterprise content and publication processes.