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WebSphere Commerce accelerates the automation and integration of cross-channel marketing and sales processes, helping companies of all sizes become on demand businesses, ensuring their customers can do business when they want, how they want and where they want.

  • Supports all of a company's business models - whether B2C, B2B or hybrid - with a single solution
  • Leverages the industry's most complete middleware platform to integrate people, processes and information across the value chain
  • Delivers hundreds of seamless, cross-channel processes and accelerates the implementation of new ones
  • Delivers rich, contextual customer and user experience across channels
  • Is fully optimized to exploit the power of the underlying platform for maximum performance, scalability and adaptability
WebSphere Commerce, a recognized industry leader, offers various deployment options that are easily extended to respond to customers' growing and changing needs. Whether a small or midmarket firm or a large multi-national corporation, IBM WebSphere Commerce solutions — all built on the same infrastructure — provide the extensibility and flexibility you need to adapt in today's shifting market environment.